North Rim deposits Athabasca Basin

Homeniuk, L.A. ; Clark, R.J. McH.
Organization: Canadian Institute of Mining, Metallurgy and Petroleum
Pages: 11
Publication Date: Jan 1, 1986
"The Maurice Bay deposit, the Stewart Island showing, the Fond-du-Lac deposit, the Middle Lake showing and the Nisto deposit are located on the North Rim of the Athabasca Basin. They are probably unconformity-related. These occurrences tend to be small. The Fond-du-Lac and Maurice Bay deposits are the largest and contain 450,000 kg and 650,000 kg of U10 8 respectively.Pitchblende is the main uranium mineral of all the occurrences, except at Middle Lake where autunite predominates. A II of the deposits are overlain and partially hosted by the Manitou Falls Formation of the Athabasca Group, except the Nisto deposit which is entirely within basement rocks, and the Maurice Bay deposit which is partially within the basement and overlying the Fair Point Formation of the Athabasca Group.The North Rim deposits are considered to be genetically similar to the other unconformity-type deposits found in northern Saskatchewan. It is suggested that a mechanical concentration of uranium may have occurred in heavy mineral beach sand type placers. The stability of the uranium minerals may have been enhanced by special local conditions. The fossil placers, after hydrothermal alteration and enrichment, would form the apparently ""rootless"" occurrences of uranium found totally within the sandstones above the unconformity.IntroductionAt least five deposits and showings and one train of mineralized glacial erratics of unknown provenance have been located on the North Rim of the Athabasca Basin from Maurice Bay in the west to Black Lake in the east. Distributed over a distance of 250 km, (Fig. l), they occur near the edge of the Basin, and are probably unconformity-related. The following have been identified from west to east (Fig. 2): The Maurice Bay deposit, the Stewart Island showing, the Isle Brochet train, the Fond-du-Lac deposit, the Middle Lake showing, and the Nisto deposit."
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