Preliminary Indications of Repeatability and Reproducibility of the ASTM 5744-96 Kinetic Test for Drainage pH and Sulfate Release Rate

White, William W. III ; Lapakko, Kim A.
Organization: Society for Mining, Metallurgy & Exploration
Pages: 10
Publication Date: Jan 1, 2000
The ASTM standard method D 5744-96 was developed to provide a well-defined kinetic test protocol, conducted under controlled reaction conditions, with the intent of generating reproducible results. The US Bureau of Land Management, American Assay Laboratories, and the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources cooperated in a intralaboratory and interlaboratory testing of the protocol. Intralaboratory testing was conducted on duplicate samples of gabbro (8) and siltite-argillite (5) rocks for periods of 20 to 125 weeks. The difference between replica& intralaboratory pH readings on drainage from the gabbro for the drip-trickle leach alternative typically did not exceed 0.1 units, although differences as high as 0.4 units were observed. The difference from the mean for rates of sulfate, calcium and magnesium release was typically within 10%. Intralaboratory results for the siltite-argillite samples were generally similar, although a one unit pH difference was observed for one sample. Three different laboratories tested a gabbro sample for 125 weeks, with a maximum difference from the mean pH of 0.5 units. The percent difference from the mean for sulfate and calcium release rates was typically within lo%, although values as high as 30% were observed. Data on intralaboratory and interlaboratory agreement on the flood rinse alternative of the method were limited. Replication on the sample tested was comparable to of better than that observed for the drip-trickle method testing of the same sample.
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