Geochemical Kinetic Modelling of Acid Rock Drainage

Brown, Paul L. ; Ritchie, A. Ian M. ; Bennett, John W. ; Comarmond, M. Josick ; Timms, Greg P.
Organization: Society for Mining, Metallurgy & Exploration
Pages: 8
Publication Date: Jan 1, 2000
Geochemical kinetic models have only become available in recent years and their utilisation in the prediction of effluent chemistry from sulfidic waste rock piles is even more recent. The models used to date, however, have incorporated some questionable assumptions. This paper shows how geochemical, mineralogical and physical field data have been coupled to remove some ill-founded assumptions in the construction of a geochemical kinetic model. Further, the paper discusses a comparison between the observed effluent chemistry from a waste rock dump at the Rum Jungle copper/uranium mine in northern Australia with model predictions. In general, there is good agreement between the two, although an anomalous result is discussed.
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