Design, Prediction And Performance Of Tied Back Shotcrete Walls Supporting Masonry Hospital Structures

Borda, Frank
Organization: Deep Foundations Institute
Pages: 10
Publication Date: Jan 1, 2004
Two recent projects were completed in Ontario, Canada for major hospital additions that involved excavation support of heritage masonry structures. Conventional continuous caisson wall schemes were replaced, with significant cost savings, by tied back shotcrete systems. Using a combination of conventional design and FLAC analysis, excavation support was designed to permit excavation in competent to weak soils that limited horizontal movements of the existing structures to between 3 and 8 mm. The use of vertical wall elements (micropiles) integral to the shotcrete wall to support both the vertical wall loads and the face of the excavation was deemed to significantly reduce lateral and vertical wall movements. FLAC analysis was used successfully to predict wall movements and optimize design. The shotcrete method proved to be flexible and adaptable to design changes during the project. This permitted convenient accommodation of changes to the building geometry after excavation support had commenced. In addition the method accommodated staged demolition and excavation support of portions of the existing structure at low cost, conveniently and without delays.
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