Advantages And Limitation Of Integrity Tests For Large Diameter Bored Piles In Bangkok Subsoil

Thasnanipan, Narong
Organization: Deep Foundations Institute
Pages: 8
Publication Date: Jan 1, 2004
In Bangkok due to the prevailing condition of subsoil (existence of considerably weak stratum at top part) deep-seated large diameter bored piles of over 50 m depth with 0.8 -1.8m in diameter have been mainly used for heavy structures such as high rise buildings, elevated expressways, flyovers and more recently for underground subway stations of the first Bangkok MRTA system. As a part of pre-planned quality assurance regime and retrospective investigation, integrity of the piles are tested to obtain the information with regard to the potential deficiencies of the constructed piles which may have formed during pile construction process or may have been attributed by other activities after construction of the piles. An overview of three commonly used non-destructive tests such as sonic integrity, sonic logging and high strain dynamic load tests on deep-seated piles in Bangkok subsoil is presented in this paper. Advantages and limitations of each integrity test are discussed.
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