PVC And Steel Access Tube Debonding During Sonic Logging Testing For The SC 170 Bridge Replacement Project

Hajduk, Edward L.
Organization: Deep Foundations Institute
Pages: 12
Publication Date: Jan 1, 2004
During sonic logging quality control testing of the drilled shaft foundations for the replacement bridges crossing the Broad and Chechessee Rivers for SC 170 in Beaufort County, South Carolina, irregular signals were observed on a consistent basis near the shaft top elevations. These irregular sonic signals were attributed to access tube ?debonding?, which is the separation of the access tubing from the surrounding concrete. A total of 160 drilled shafts were installed for this project, of which 41 were evaluated using sonic logging testing. Both PVC and steel access tubes were used during the project to allow for sonic logging testing. This paper details the investigation of access tube debonding with time, discusses the solutions used to minimize access tube ?debonding?, and presents the results of the sonic logging testing for the entire project. The solution selected, installation of PVC along the pile length and steel access tubing within 40 feet from the top of shaft, allowed for reliable sonic logging to effectively evaluate the upper portions of the drilled shafts.
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