Vertical Load Carrying Capacity Of Concrete Expanded Base Piles

Zergoun, Mustapha
Organization: Deep Foundations Institute
Pages: 10
Publication Date: Jan 1, 2004
This paper presents the results of load tests to assess the vertical load carrying capacity of concrete expanded base piles, or pressure injected footings, for various projects located near Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The site subsurface conditions and load test methods are described for the Vancouver International Airport site and the test results are reviewed under both compression and tension loading conditions. The pile load tests at Vancouver International Airport are compared to load tests at other sites near Vancouver. The pile load test results are reviewed with respect to available methods of estimating the vertical capacity of this type of piles. The effect of ground improvement by densification on the load test results is considered. The limitations of tension load tests on single piles with respect to uplift resistance of pile groups under seismic conditions are pointed out. Recommendations are proposed regarding pile load test methodology to estimate ultimate vertical load carrying capacity of plies for limit state design.
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