Case History Of The Support Of Excavation System At The Dulles Automated People Mover (DAPM) Tunnels And Stations

McQuinn, Marlion T.
Organization: Deep Foundations Institute
Pages: 12
Publication Date: Jan 1, 2006
This paper will discuss the design, construction, and performance of the support of excavation on the Dulles East and West Automated People Mover Tunnels and Station projects. The elements of the system included drilled soil nails and rock anchors with reinforced shotcrete to the excavated face. We will discuss the geotechnical characteristics, design and construction considerations, loading criteria, construction techniques, schedule constraints, and performance of the support of excavation system. In consideration of the conference theme, there will be a discussion of the application of the real-time instrumentation monitoring program. The project team worked to design and install approximately 710,000 square feet of shotcrete and 19,000 soil nails/rock anchors as well as excavate over 720,000 cubic yards of rock materials within 15 months and in such a manner as to minimize the disruption to airport passengers and operations.
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