Uplift Micropile Load Transfer In Unsaturated Missoula Flood Deposits

Cunningham, John N.
Organization: Deep Foundations Institute
Pages: 8
Publication Date: Jan 1, 2011
Despite the wide use of micropiles for rehabilitating and retrofitting existing structures, little is known regarding the load-transfer distribution of grouted micropiles in various soil deposits. The rehabilitation of a concrete-frame warehouse in Portland, Oregon, required provisions for the seismic restraint of a new shear wall; the installation of two micropiles was specified to meet project requirements. The micropiles were uncased, 19-m (63-ft) long, 200-mm (8-in) nominal diameter, and reinforced full-length with a 64-mm (No. 20) diameter hardened steel threadbar. Due to space limitations, a sacrificial, instrumented micropile was installed near the two production piles to verify design assumptions. This paper describes the geologic setting of the project within the unsaturated Missoula Flood deposits, instrumentation, load-displacement behavior, load transfer, and Beta-coefficients for the sacrificial micropile.
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