Non-Destructive Testing Methods For Drilled Shaft And Acip Piles

Piscsalko, George
Organization: Deep Foundations Institute
Pages: 8
Publication Date: Jan 1, 2011
There are numerous methods currently available to assess the integrity of drilled shaft and ACIP piles. Each method has its advantages and limitations. This paper will compare the various available methods as well as introduce a new method for assessing integrity of drilled shafts and ACIP piles. This new method, known as Thermal Integrity Profiling, determines the integrity of the shaft both inside and outside the reinforcing cage by measuring the hydration temperature of the concrete along the length of the shaft. These temperature measurements can be made by either passing a thermal probe through a standard Cross Hole access tube, or from embedding thermal wires within the shaft. This Thermal Integrity Profile method will be described in detail and one case history will be presented. Additional testing methods which will be compared include low strain Pile Integrity Testing and Cross Hole Sonic Logging. Advantages and limitations for each method will be discussed.
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