Effect Of Vertical Heterogeneity In Soil Strength On Pile Bearing Capacity Prediction From CPT Data

Kenarsari, Amaneh E.
Organization: Deep Foundations Institute
Pages: 8
Publication Date: Jan 1, 2011
Among the different sources of uncertainty in pile bearing capacity prediction including inherent heterogeneity, measurement and model uncertainties, the inherent heterogeneity of soil properties is of particular interest and is considered in this study. Cone tip resistance data are utilized to calculate pile bearing capacity by considering vertical soil variability. In this regard, cone tip resistance component of CPT data is assumed as a random parameter. Realizations of this parameter are achieved with the aid of local average subdivisions and random field theories. Monte Carlo simulation is used to generate different realizations of CPT or CPT-u data. Pile bearing capacity was then calculated by the use of direct method. Pile bearing capacity are predicted for a project in south of Iran using this method and probability density function for the total bearing capacity of pile is plotted. Coefficient of variation of 33% for ultimate bearing capacity shows the variability of bearing capacity due to variation of soil strength in depth. Cumulative probability chart for the ultimate bearing capacity are plotted as an efficient tool for estimating ultimate bearing capacity of piles with different desired confidence levels for vertically variable soil strength properties. Significant difference between mean value of pile bearing capacity (18 MN) and limit with 95% confidence level (8 MN) emphasizes the importance of considering soil variability.
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