Drilled Shaft In Strong Rock-Design, Validation, And Construction Of The Beauharnois Canal Bridge, Autoroute 30 Montréal

Hee, Ivan
Organization: Deep Foundations Institute
Pages: 10
Publication Date: Jan 1, 2011
The 2.5km long bridge over the Beauharnois Canal and St. Lawrence Seaway is a major structure in the new Autoroute 30 project near Montreal. Foundations for the bridge consist of footings on bedrock, driven piles, and drilled shafts. This paper describes the design, verification, and construction of 1.85m diameter drilled shafts socketed into very strong and abrasive dolomitic sandstone. Two loading tests on sacrificial, heavily-instrumented, 1.18m diameter test shafts using Osterberg load cells were performed, with telltales installed to monitor a possible rock cone failure mechanism. The loading tests resulted in a revision to the initial design and provided a greater understanding of the cone uplift mechanism in rock. Insights gained are discussed and economies of the load testing program presented. Construction methodologies are also presented.
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