Complex Piling Works At London Blackfriars Station

McEwan, Jamie D.
Organization: Deep Foundations Institute
Pages: 10
Publication Date: Jan 1, 2011
To cater for the future introduction of 12 car trains, London Blackfriars railway station is being extended from the north end to span across the River Thames. Following the demolition of existing buildings, a number of challenges had to be overcome including working adjacent to a live railway line, above live London Underground tracks and working in small restricted spaces. Trains entering and exiting two lines of track at the bridge's north end of track meant that access was difficult due to the location and proximity to existing infrastructure. The site was very much constrained and congested and there were also a series of works in place to maintain passenger flows so as not to inconvenience the travelling public. The site had been developed many times in the past resulting in a number of obstructions that would require removal during the piling work including old brickwork, reinforced concrete, redundant railway sleepers and track and existing concrete and timber piles. A number of solutions had to be devised to overcome these obstructions. Piling works were undertaken during the day and at night to meet programme.
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