The Alternate Technical Concept Process For Foundations At The New Mississippi River Bridge, St. Louis

Brown, Dan A.
Organization: Deep Foundations Institute
Pages: 8
Publication Date: Jan 1, 2011
The New Mississippi River Bridge (MRB) employed conventional design-bid-build procurement, but the bidding process included the opportunity for pre-qualified bidders to develop and propose confidential Alternative Technical Concepts (ATC?s) for evaluation and approval in advance of bidding. The ATC process provides a mechanism for value-engineering prior to bid, with incentives and opportunities for both the owner and the bidding contractor. The contract described in this paper is for the river bridge composed of a cable-stayed crossing with two pylons and the anchor piers on each side of the river. The Massman-Traylor-Alberici (MTA) team developed a re-designed foundation system for the main pylon and anchor foundations which utilizes their equipment and experience along with field load test measurements to optimize the foundations. The paper describes the experience with the use of the pre-bid ATC process on the project from the perspective of the bidder, and outlines some of the benefits and limitations of this concept with respect to foundation design and construction. Some keys for success are identified and impediments to the effective implementation of the process are described.
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