Threading Piles Past Underground Assets In Central London

Nikolic, Alexander
Organization: Deep Foundations Institute
Pages: 12
Publication Date: Jan 1, 2011
The paper presents the foundation design and construction of a landmark urban redevelopment scheme in central London, UK. The scheme comprises the new Tottenham Court Road Underground station, Crossrail interchange box and associated over-site commercial development. The paper focuses on the design, procurement and construction of large diameter bored piles, up to 68m in depth, which form the foundation support system for the over-site commercial development at Denmark Place. The congestion below ground required an intricate foundation design solution which has been a catalyst for developing innovative load transfer arrangements and has resulted in the advancement of pile construction technology in the UK. The foundation system was also designed to cater for the construction of two significant elements of proposed below ground infrastructure. Selected large diameter piles have been constructed within 1.1m of live underground railway tunnels. An innovative D-shaped pile was constructed in a zone subject to particular spatial constraints. The proposed Crossrail tunnels will be bored within 1m of selected over-site development piles. In addition, a 30m deep excavation forming a new escalator box will be constructed in direct contact with the over-site development piles. The stakeholder engagement process is described together with the foundation design development and buildability assessment. The benefits from early collaboration between the designers and specialist contractors are highlighted. From an analytical design perspective, the entire foundation construction sequence was modelled in detail in order to assess the soil structure interaction and any potential adverse effects on existing elements of underground infrastructure. The results from the three dimensional numerical modelling simulation are compared with field monitoring data.
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