Influence Of Urbanization And Geology On Deep Foundation Design And Construction

Shah, Hiren J.
Organization: Deep Foundations Institute
Pages: 12
Publication Date: Jan 1, 2011
The urban environment and geology create unique challenges for design and construction of deep foundations. The effect of these is prominently experienced in New York City. Three such project case histories are presented in this paper. The first project is a multi-use development. Relatively unusual glacial geology was observed at the site during the subsurface investigation phase. This played an important role in the selection of deep foundations as well as during construction. The design and construction aspects of the pile foundations, settlement estimates, a pile drive test program during design, piling equipment and production pile installation are discussed herein. A relatively smaller project is the second case history. A combination of drilled and driven deep foundations was employed in one area of the project due to its unique conditions. In another area of the project, an addition to a structure required the use of supplemental foundations to resist new additional loading. Tight space and load sharing with the existing foundations were important considerations in the design and construction. Finite element modeling of the existing and completed structure was performed which was an interesting aspect of the project. The third project case history involves a very large multi-billion dollar project in which various different types of deep foundation elements were used. The aspects requiring the use of such a variety of types and sizes of deep foundation elements included: geologic conditions, re-use of existing foundations, protection of adjacent infrastructure, construction staging, restricted space, loads, deep excavations, cost and schedule.
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