A Unique Solution To Mitigate Movement At The Jefferson Memorial Seawall

Gómez, Jesús E.
Organization: Deep Foundations Institute
Pages: 10
Publication Date: Jan 1, 2011
In the Summer of 2011, emergency repairs to the Jefferson Memorial North Plaza and Seawall were completed. These repairs were necessitated by settlement and lateral movement of the seawall and North Plaza which prompted the National Park Service (NPS) to initiate an investigation as to the possible causes of the movement, and commission a design for its mitigation. Information gathered from extensive instrumentation on site led to the design of a movement mitigation scheme that included demolition of the Ashlar Seawall and reconstruction of a new seawall. The new seawall foundation is an A-Wall consisting of vertical caissons and battered pipe piles connected to the seawall itself. The scheme provides resistance to future vertical and lateral movement of the North Plaza and the new seawall. Repair to the seawall and plaza began in December 2009, and was completed in August 2011. This paper discusses the mechanisms believed to be responsible for settlement and lateral movement, summarizes the procedure followed for design of the mitigation, and describes the construction methods and some challenges faced during the repair.
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