Real-Time Monitoring During Shaft Contruction For The Sound Transit Ulink I-5 Undercrossing

Gouvin, Pierre
Organization: Deep Foundations Institute
Pages: 8
Publication Date: Jan 1, 2010
This paper describes the design, installation and monitoring of a state of the art real time geotechnical/structural instrumentation monitoring system to facilitate tunnel construction under Interstate route I-5 in Seattle, Washington, USA. The project involved removal of existing highway foundation substructures on both North and Southbound lanes as well as the underground reversible high occupancy vehicle lanes. The system utilized state of the art 3-D pulsed laser scanning, wireless sensor networks, automated robotic total stations, tilt beam sensors, narrow angle tiltmeters, and in-place inclinometers. Dedicated real time data loggers, with a web based graphical interface, provided 24/7 access to critical measurements. In addition to the instrumented sections of wall and roadway subsurface which monitored physical measurements at known points, the pulsed laser scanning allowed complete site monitoring coverage where physical sensors were not located. This data allowed post processing at any location enabling the contractor and designer to respond to unforeseen structural responses to construction. Use of the instrumentation system resulted in the early detection of wall movement, and provided feedback to the designers to facilitate construction process changes in order to minimize further movement.
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