Newtown Creek Pile Foundation Work 2009

Trochalides, Thomas
Organization: Deep Foundations Institute
Pages: 7
Publication Date: Jan 1, 2010
Newtown Creek Water Pollution Control Plant in Brooklyn, NY is the largest of 14 Water Pollution Control Plants in New York City. It services over 1 million people with a current processing capacity of 310 million gallons daily. Upgrades to the plant have been underway since 1998. This paper details the foundation elements installed in three separate contracts during 2009: NC-41F, NC-36G, and NC-47G. The elements are Concrete-Filled Pipe Piles, H-Piles, Steel Sheet Piling, Secant Walls, Drilled Caissons, and High Capacity Micropiles. Soils on the site consist of fill over organic silty clay and silty sand. Beneath the organic layers lie lake sand and varved silt and clay, sitting atop glacial till and rock. Due to Federal Mandates, certain plant capacity and secondary treatment requirements had to be met by specific dates. Failure to meet the requirements would have an adverse affect on the NYC areas being serviced. Further complicating the project, the existing plant operations had to be maintained throughout the entire construction phase. To accommodate the constraints of the project, new specialty equipment and several key redesigns were used to maintain construction schedules
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