Innovation In Spliced Prestressed Piles: Testing And Use Of The Emeca Pile Splice

Ryan, John C.
Organization: Deep Foundations Institute
Pages: 8
Publication Date: Jan 1, 2010
The Emeca Pile Splice, an innovative mechanical prestressed concrete pile splice, is the first robotically welded splice to be fabricated in the United States. An analytical and experimental study was conducted to establish the capacity of the standard splice for 12-in. and 14-in. square piles. The study illustrates compliance of the splice with International Building Code (2006) requirements. A case study for a large petroleum tank foundation project in Port Canaveral, FL is presented, demonstrating the efficiency achieved through use of spliced-piles. For the case-study project, single-piece 18-in.-square, 100-ft-long piles were replaced with 12-in.-square, two-piece, spliced piles. As a result, a significant reduction of material, labor, handling, and equipment was documented for the project. Savings realized on the installed pile cost was estimated to be in excess of 30% by the owner.
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