Behavior Of Pile Groups Arrangement Adjacent To A Sand Slope Under Lateral Load

Sakr, Mohamed A.
Organization: Deep Foundations Institute
Pages: 9
Publication Date: Jan 1, 2010
An experimental study on the behavior of pile group's arrangement under lateral load was carried out in the level ground and at crest of sand slope 3H: 2V. Tests were conducted on single pile and pile groups with center-to-center pile spacing of 3D. The model piles were founded in sand with relative density 25%. Several configurations of pile groups were used to study the effect of piles arrangement in the group (series or parallel) with respect to slope crest. The behavior of the pile groups in the level ground was compared with the behavior of pile groups at different configurations at the slope crest. Based on the test results, the behavior of laterally loaded pile groups adjacent to a slope crest depends largely on piles arrangement in the group with respect to direction of the lateral load. Pile groups in the level ground have more resistance to lateral loads when they are arranged in a parallel configuration than in a series, whereas the reverse is true in cases of pile groups constructed near to the edge of a slope. It is advisable to use the pile group in series arrangement for groups constructed at slope crest to minimize the effect of the ground slope on lateral capacity of piles and the occurred deflection and maximum bending moment of the lead row in the group.
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