2D And 3D Ansys Modeling For Deep Excavation And Evaluation Of Soil-Structure Interaction

Al-Smadi, Yahia M.
Organization: Deep Foundations Institute
Pages: 10
Publication Date: Jan 1, 2010
Effect of lateral loading against existing sheet pile wall and distribution of gravity loading due to various number of construction loading scenarios were studied. The objective of this effort was to determine the loading case that permits the contractor to utilize a 400 ton crane at the specified location with the existing limitation imposed on site. Staged analysis was determined as the methodology that will more accurately predict the exiting and additional stress due to the impose crane loading. A reliable and robust analysis (ANSYS) software was used to complete both 2D and 3D finite element model and analysis. Analysis model parameters such as material properties, non-linear behavior of the soil, and meshing are presented and discussed. At the conclusion specific range of crane operation and pick weights operating on existing concrete mat supported on top of an existing tunnel was reviewed and deemed acceptable.
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