A Numerical Model For Load Transfer And Settlement Of Bored Cast In-Situ Piles

Omer, Joshua R.
Organization: Deep Foundations Institute
Pages: 10
Publication Date: Jan 1, 2010
A numerical model is developed for predicting the load transfer and settlement behaviour of vertically loaded, bored cast in-situ piles. Based on analysis of full-scale pile tests, closed-form equations are formulated to uncouple the shaft and base transfer resistance components of the pile/soil system. Appropriate parameters are introduced to take into account: (i) the shaft resistance distribution in unlined and partially lined piles, (ii) the effects of ?soft toe? (voided toe pile) behaviour on base resistance development. For convenience, an interactive computer program has been developed in Matlab? with a user friendly interface system. The program can be applied to predict the complete load-settlement curve and axial force distribution in bored cast in-situ piles if reliable soil test data are available. To demonstrate its validity, the proposed method is applied to 4 test piles, which are also analysed using two previously published methods: (a) elastic solution method and (b) layer discretisation method. Methods (a) and (b) above are based on load transfer (t-z) and finite element models respectively. It is shown that the proposed method yields axial force distributions and load-settlement curves that are in good agreement with the observed pile test data.
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