London One New Change - Energy Piles® And Open Loop Wells Used For Ground Source Heating And Cooling

Smith, Peter
Organization: Deep Foundations Institute
Pages: 10
Publication Date: Jan 1, 2010
One New Change is a landmark retail / commercial development in the City of London. Integral to the structure is the three double storey basement from which the building is serviced. The building construction involved a ?top down? (up down) construction technique to give programme benefits. In addition, the planning authority stipulated that 10% of the energy demand had to be met by Renewable technology. Cementation Skanska has not only delivered the foundation package - comprising secant piling and foundation bearing piles including Cemloc® plunged columns - but, alongside subcontractor Geothermal International, also installed a 1.7MW ground source heating and cooling system using Energy Piles® and open?loop wells to provide the renewable energy. The works were successfully installed and completed within a tight programme, and within the logistical constraints imposed by an inner-city location, concurrent demolition works and multi contractor involvement in the basement construction.
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