Bedrock Evaluation For Deep Foundations Utilizing An Acoustic Televiewer, I-70 New Mississippi River Bridge, St. Louis, Missouri

Keller, Adrian M.
Organization: Deep Foundations Institute
Pages: 8
Publication Date: Jan 1, 2010
Borehole televiewers are downhole inspection devices available for high-resolution imaging of a borehole wall following rock coring. Borehole televiewers should be considered by geotechnical engineers and geologists as a supplemental way of investigating rock for deep foundations. The optical televiewer (OTV) produces a digital optical image and the acoustic televiewer (ATV) utilizes reflected acoustic waves to produce images of the borehole walls. These devices can be utilized to examine soft or fractured zones in the rock mass, solution features, open joints or other voids not observable from traditional rock coring techniques. These devices along with computer post-processing can determine the strike and dip of joints, bedding planes, shear surfaces, or other structural features, eliminating the need for expensive oriented cores or manned downhole logging. An acoustic televiewer was utilized in the Fall of 2008 during the investigation phase for the I-70 New Mississippi River Bridge (I-70 MRB) in St. Louis, Missouri. Voids and fractures in the upper portion of the rock were described by prior consultants. Further investigation of these features was necessary to evaluate deep foundation options to support the main towers. Ten borings were drilled from a barge in the river at the two main tower pier locations. An ATV was utilized in each of the ten borings to produce images of the rock mass in the borehole and allow further investigation of the voids. Voids interpreted as solution features were readily identified in the ATV logs in multiple borings and at similar elevations, suggesting connectivity. Measurements of the voids? width, location in the borehole and orientation allowed a more thorough understanding of the potential impact the solution features may have on the planned deep foundations. An extensive grouting program was eliminated based on the ATV results.
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