Soil Mixing And Jet Grouting Ground Improvement Under Tanks

Shao, Lisheng
Organization: Deep Foundations Institute
Pages: 8
Publication Date: Jan 1, 2010
Soil mixing and jet grouting have been widely used to support heavy structures such as tanks, cement silos, and storage buildings. Although the installation methods vary between soil mixing and jet grouting, the end product of soil-cement columns behaves similarly in supporting structure loads. In many cases, soil-cement mass treatment offers the owner savings over driven/drilled piles. This paper discusses the design methodology, production work, and quality control, with supporting figures, of a recent large complex tank farm project. The project consisted of constructing six above-ground steel storage tanks and an approximately 700-foot-long fill slope. The tank farm site is located in an industrial area of southern California, with highly variable subsurface conditions consisting of compressible soils and buried construction debris. The compressible soils necessitated that the new tanks be supported on deep foundations. A test pile program performed previously at the site showed that conventional driven concrete piles were not feasible because of buried construction debris, therefore a soilcrete system was proposed. Site design included evaluating the total and differential settlement and column group bearing capacity under both static and seismic loads. Extensive field and laboratory testing confirmed the design soil-cement strength and modulus of both the soil mixed and jet grouted soil-cement columns. The project operation and quality control programs are also included in this paper.
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