Deep Open Excavation In Chicago Downtown Area For Red Line And Blue Line Subway Connection At Block 37

Chen, Gordon
Organization: Deep Foundations Institute
Pages: 17
Publication Date: Jan 1, 2009
The Block 37 Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) Tunnel Construction Project was originally designed by STV to connect Blue Line subway in North Dearborn Street and Red Line subway in State Street in the downtown Chicago Area. The project was proposed using tunnel mining techniques combined with steel pipe jacking and fiber glass rebar soil reinforcement. Weidlinger Associates, Inc. (WAI) and Kiewit Construction Company proposed an alternate design using open cut construction technology. WAI designed a complex temporary excavation support system using Soldier Pile Tremie Concrete (SPTC) walls and Soldier Pile Lagging walls supported by cross lot/corner bracing elements. Below the top of the existing tunnel, a top-down construction technique was utilized. A steel temporary traffic decking system at top of the excavation site served as the daily street traffic function as well as the first level of bracing for the support of excavation. The project encountered great challenges of soft clay conditions in downtown Chicago, numerous existing utilities in the excavation site and the requirements of protection for a number of historical buildings nearby as well as the protection of the city streets. The construction was successfully completed at both State Street/Washington Street and Dearborn Street/Randolph Street. The monitoring system showed that ground movement and adjacent building settlement was kept to a minimum during construction.
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