Stone Columns Through Construction Demolition Debris Fill

Sharma, Lok M.
Organization: Deep Foundations Institute
Pages: 7
Publication Date: Jan 1, 2009
Development of brownfields is of great interest in these days. Such fields are not easily adaptable for foundations of structures. The uncertainties in ground behavior present challenges of unpredictable subsidence that could be detrimental to the build up facility. A desalination plant had to be located along the seashore, close to the needy population and the existing water supply infrastructure. The available site had been developed as a recreational park area over a dumped construction demolition debris landfill along the coastline. To construct a desalination plant comprised primarily of large concrete basin tanks on slab, founded on the debris fill had its challenges. A ground improvement system in the form of vibro replacement stone columns was designed and constructed. Approximately 5,000 stone columns were installed across the site. This paper describes the analysis process, the design, field load testing, and installation of stone columns. Difficulties during construction and monitoring aspects are briefly described. The plant started operations in the summer of 2008 and to date has performed satisfactorily. When properly designed, the development of brownfields is achievable at other sites.
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