Design-Build Support Of Excavation For Block 76, Salt Lake City, Utah

Deschamps, Rick
Organization: Deep Foundations Institute
Pages: 9
Publication Date: Jan 1, 2009
The Block 76 project includes the demolition and redevelopment of an entire city block for mixed use retail, office and residential properties directly adjacent to Historic Temple Square in Salt Lake City, Utah. Excavation was carried out 65 ft below street grade and by as much as 50 ft directly below adjacent buildings supported by shallow foundations. Movements of the earth retention system and adjacent buildings were monitored in real time using automated equipment which complemented traditional geotechnical instrumentation. In the areas immediately adjacent to the existing buildings 9 stories or greater, anchored diaphragm walls were employed. Areas of the site not supported by diaphragm walls employed a soil nail wall system. Jet grouting was used for water cutoff in lieu of dewatering along the north and east sides of project. In total, the earth retention scope included 45,000 sq. ft of diaphragm wall, 104,000 sq. ft of soil nail wall, and micropile underpinning of 3 buildings. This paper provides an overall description of the Block 76 project. A detailed account is provided of the technical and commercial lessons learned. The project provided a unique example of how an owner can receive best overall value by acceptance of some technical risk up front. Benefit was gained by allowing the contractor to reduce contingencies within the bid from unknowns on a fast-track project.
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