25 Story Structure On River Flood Plain Soils Improved By Vibrocompaction And Compaction Grouting

Callanan, Frank
Organization: Deep Foundations Institute
Pages: 9
Publication Date: Jan 1, 2009
The Ameristar Casino expansion project included the design and construction of a 25-story hotel and 9-story parking structure expansion. The site is located in a floodplain on the banks of the Missouri River in Saint Charles, Missouri, where the underlying soils are potentially liquefiable. The geotechnical engineer performed subsurface exploration and analysis, which included site-specific seismic response and liquefaction, and provided geotechnical design recommendations. In the event of an earthquake, post-liquefaction settlement was calculated to be approximately 14 inches. Additional project constraints included wetlands protection, construction adjacent to the existing facility, flood protection and river bank stability. Because of the liquefaction issue, the geotechnical engineer consulted with a specialty geotechnical contractor on ground improvement methods. This consultation led to a proposal to eliminate deep foundations from the design and support the structures on shallow and mat foundations. The geotechnical engineer assisted the design team with foundation design analysis and value engineering assessments. Together with the project team, the geotechnical engineer used the data to evaluate foundation options and construction methods to overcome the site challenges and concluded that ground improvement was the optimum course of action. Because of the nature of the site constraints, a number of ground improvement methods were needed. The geotechnical engineer evaluated the methods proposed by the geotechnical contractor and provided the technical specifications for the ground improvement bid package, which included vibro-compaction, compaction grouting and micropiles. The ground improvement allowed for the use of shallow foundations (mat and spread footings), which provided the client with significant time and cost savings over the deep foundation alternatives.
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