The Practical Application Of Pile Reuse At Bow Bells House, City Of London

Phillips, Justin
Organization: Deep Foundations Institute
Pages: 11
Publication Date: Jan 1, 2008
The redevelopment of Bow Bells House in London has thrown up a number of challenges that will increasingly be faced by developers of congested sites. In the context of pile reuse this paper examines four key issues: 1. The Developer?s perspective on sustainability, cost, programme and risk management. 2. The nature of pile testing including timing, the balance of extent of intrusive works whilst retaining the existing piles and identifying representative levels of testing. Four key elements of investigation; geometry, integrity, durability and capacity are evaluated. 3. In terms of design this paper supports the adoption of alternative probabilistic methods aligned with communicating to Clients in terms of acceptable ?probability/risk of failure? in place of a factor of safety approach. 4. The project also highlights a number of issues that will require greater attention to maximise the future reuse potential such as foundation load transfer platforms and promoting developments based on early collaborative framework design and contracting across the supply chain.
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