Stone Columns At Trenton Water Treatment Facility - Suitable Alternative To Remove And Replace For Mat Foundation

Wilder, Darrell
Organization: Deep Foundations Institute
Pages: 5
Publication Date: Jan 1, 2008
The Trenton Water Treatment Facility in Trenton, New Jersey, is expanding to upgrade existing facilities and to meet the increasing demands of the public. The facility sits uncomfortably between the northern bank of the Delaware River and Route 29, a busy traffic corridor. Flooding along this bank of the river occurs frequently and disrupts traffic along Route 29. The expansion plans for the facility call for several large clarifying tanks on a mat foundation covering an area of about 100 x 350 ft. The original design was to remove and replace up to 20 ft of existing fill and soft materials. Due to the close proximity to the existing structures and the Delaware River, it would be necessary to use sheet piles and tiebacks to support the proposed excavation, as well as the existing structures. The solution adopted consisted of the installation of vibro-replacement stone columns to improve the in situ soils and eliminate the need for excavation and replacement. This approach was tremendously successful. It mitigated the significant risk of flooding of the excavation, and provided a cost-effective alternative to mitigate settlement of the proposed tanks on the poor soft subgrade soils. This paper presents the details of the criteria for selection and design of the stone columns, and the process followed for installation of the stone columns and for verification of the level of soil improvement achieved. It also includes a back analysis of the results of a large scale, 10- by 10-foot plate load test performed on a group of stone columns using numerical procedures and recommendations for design and construction.
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