Rigid Inclusions For Soil Improvement In A 76 Building Complex

Paniagua, Walter I.
Organization: Deep Foundations Institute
Pages: 6
Publication Date: Jan 1, 2008
A housing complex of 76 buildings is being constructed in the city of Morelia, in western central Mexico; the buildings are 5 levels high, with a shallow concrete slab foundation. Soil conditions include a soft clay stratum, with up to 8 m depth, in a highly seismic area. Pile foundations and micro-piles were considered, but discarded due to economic factors. The alternative of soil improvement with rigid inclusions was used. An FEM (Finite Element Method) analysis was conducted to determine the diameter, spacing, length and arrangement of the inclusions. Construction was implemented with traditional methods: soil boring, and mortar tremied with pipe and the aid of a sock to contain the material (no steel reinforcement was used). So far, 46 buildings have been built, and level measurements for 18 buildings have been recorded since 2006, with resulting good behavior in both total and differential settlements.
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