Reconstruction Of Hudson River Pier 86 - Home Of The USS Intrepid Aircraft Carrier

Quadagno, Michael
Organization: Deep Foundations Institute
Pages: 8
Publication Date: Jan 1, 2008
Hudson River Pier 86, home of the historic USS Intrepid Aircraft Carrier and the Intrepid Sea-Air-Space Museum, is currently undergoing a $30M reconstruction. This project involves the demolition of the old timber pile supported pier and construction of a new 150 ft wide by 782 ft long concrete pier, built over the footprint of the old piles. The new pier consists of steel pipe piles, precast concrete pile caps, and a composite deck, made up of precast, prestressed concrete planks and cast-in-place concrete topping. This paper focuses on both the structural design and construction of the new pier, with emphasis on the pile foundation. Pier 86 is unique in that it is required to resist the extremely high lateral loads imposed on it by the permanently moored 898 ft long aircraft carrier during severe storms. A total of 360 steel pipe piles support the new pier. These piles, which are 24 in. in diameter and range in length from 58 ft to 175 ft, were driven down to bedrock. The piles, each having 200 ton allowable capacities, work together to resist the significantly large lateral loads exerted on the pier by the ship. The installation of the piles was unique in that all the piles, including the ?super-longs?, were fabricated to-length offsite, delivered to the site via truck and barge, and installed in one piece, eliminating the need for field splicing. The Pier 86 reconstruction will be completed within an extremely aggressive 18 month schedule, from January 2007 through June 2008. The refurbished aircraft carrier Intrepid will return home in September 2008, and the grand re-opening of the pier will be on Veteran?s Day 2008. This paper provides a case history for owners, government agencies, engineers, and construction professionals that will be faced with the challenges of designing and building new piers.
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