Open Cell Sheet Pile® Dock In Remote Alaska Provides Innovative And Cost-Effective Solution

Thieman, Dempsey S.
Organization: Deep Foundations Institute
Pages: 8
Publication Date: Jan 1, 2008
Innovative marine bulkhead design and construction techniques were used in the fast-track design and construction of a high-capacity, deep-water dock in the highly seismic region of Alaska?s Aleutian Islands. The geotechnical investigation and design through construction phases were completed in just eight months. The adaptable OPEN CELL® design, readily available standard flat sheet pile and an experienced contractor were integral to the successful completion of the project. The cost of the structure was determined to be approximately 50 percent of a comparable pile-supported platform dock structure, allowed higher load capacity, rapid construction, less maintenance, and provided substantially more uplands. This paper details the design and construction of this unique and challenging project. The OPEN CELL structure is a vertical flexible membrane system that offers significant advantages over other structure types: ? Its flexible membrane structure is not dependent on toe embedment for stability. ? Poor soil conditions, shallow bedrock, high seismic loads, deep water, scour, etc., can be accommodated due to its adaptable design. ? It has a very high load capacity?capable of several thousand pounds per square foot. ? Allows buried utilities which results in lower cost and reduces freezing conditions ? The sheet pile tail walls can be extended to provide increased global stability if needed. ? Standard sheet pile and connectors with traditional installation techniques allow accelerated construction schedules.
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