Micropiles For Rehabilitation Of Two Existing Structures

Hill, Jeffrey R.
Organization: Deep Foundations Institute
Pages: 5
Publication Date: Jan 1, 2008
This paper discusses the use of micropiles for the rehabilitation of the following two structures: the Milwaukee Auditorium Theatre, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and the Cupples Ballpark Lofts, in St. Louis, Missouri. The paper focuses on the similarities and differences of the remediation techniques used for each structure. The discussion highlights the method of attaching the micropiles to each respective structure. Generally the paper discusses the micropile installation at each project with supporting photos, figures and data. Load testing at each project is also discussed, including the comparison of load test results for each project. The paper will focus on the load testing program at the Milwaukee Auditorium Theatre where high capacity micropiles were designed and tested as friction piles founded in stiff clays and end bearing micropiles in dolomitic limestone. The results of the test were used to determine if the micropiles on the project would be installed as end bearing or friction bearing elements. Strain gauges were used in addition to conventional deflection vs. load data for the Milwaukee Auditorium Theatre project. Other aspects of the paper will include the differences in design methodology for end bearing micropiles in massive dolomitic limestone vs. design in softer, weathered limestone.
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