Hollow Core Bar Micropiles - Design Parameters Interpreted From 404 Load Tests

Gómez, Jesús E.
Organization: Deep Foundations Institute
Pages: 10
Publication Date: Jan 1, 2008
This work is a continuation of a paper presented in the 32nd DFI Annual Conference, Colorado 2007, titled ?Hollow Core Bar Micropiles - Design parameters interpreted from 260 load tests.? The first paper presented the results of the verification and proof tests performed for the retrofit of two bridges with hollow core bars that used 260 micropiles. It included an interpretation of the unit bond values in the different soils where micropiles were installed. Recently two additional bridges within the same geological environment were also retrofitted using 144 hollow core micropiles. This paper includes the interpretation of the additional data from the proof tests performed and refines recommended values for design of hollow core bar micropiles in soils similar to those encountered in these two projects. The authors believe that the data collected will significantly add to the relatively small existing database on micropile tests and may also be useful during implementation of the LRFD design methodology.
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