Foundation Construction Challenges At 100 11th Avenue In Manhattan - Secant Pile Wall

Cushing, Andrew
Organization: Deep Foundations Institute
Pages: 8
Publication Date: Jan 1, 2008
This paper presents the design and construction of the foundation for a major high-rise real estate development on the west side of Manhattan. Arup was retained by Underpinning and Foundation Skanska to design a secant pile wall as excavation support for a proposed two-level basement of a new 23-story residential building located at 100 11th Avenue and West 19th Street. The secant pile wall will also act as the permanent basement retaining wall for the new building. The site is bounded on two sides by existing structures and is underlain by a thick deposit of very soft organic silt and clay. Therefore, the potential for ground movements and their impact on an adjacent structure bearing on shallow footings were of the utmost concern. This paper addresses the design and construction considerations associated with this secant wall, as well as installation details. Measured wall movements are also used to assess the validity of the pre-construction soil strength and stiffness design parameters.
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