Stemmers Run Steel Sheet Pile Cofferdam And Trestle

Brandt, Jennifer Peirce
Organization: Deep Foundations Institute
Pages: 8
Publication Date: Jan 1, 2008
Project documents and the United States Army Corps of Engineers? permit for construction of the Stemmers Run Relief Wastewater Force Main across the Back River in Baltimore County, Maryland specified a minimal width, steel sheet pile cofferdam and a 12 feet wide, pile supported, timber decked, causeway trestle ? both approximately 1700 feet in length. Due to the impractical width of the causeway, the contractor desired to combine the cofferdam and the causeway structures in order to minimize wetland disturbance and maximize access for construction equipment. The resulting support structure was a steel sheet pile cofferdam, approximately 17 feet wide, internally braced, and capped with transverse timber deck mats to serve as the access and work trestle for the trench excavation, pipe bent construction, and trench backfill. Construction of this cofferdam/causeway progressed from the north shoreline toward the middle of the river. Then, working back toward the north shoreline, the contractor excavated, installed the 54 inch diameter pipe and H-pile support bents, and backfilled the trench in increments of approximately 60 linear feet. Excavation spoils from one section were used to backfill the preceding section. As the pipe installation progressed toward the north shore, the steel sheet piling and timber deck were removed. As sufficient sheet piling and deck mats were removed, the contractor began the process anew from the opposite shoreline using the reclaimed materials. The project was complicated by the presence of deep, very soft, weight of hammer, silts and organic clays and an unbalanced, hydrostatic head of 20.5 feet. In addition, concurrent pile driving, excavating, and backfilling in successive cofferdam sections required the use of heavy, long reach, hydraulic backhoes, and a 200 ton capacity crawler crane which controlled the design of the timber causeway deck and its supporting sheet piles.
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