Case Study: Design, Installation And Quality Assurance Testing Of High Capacity Socketed Piles In A Complex Geologic Environment

Caruso, Thomas M.
Organization: Deep Foundations Institute
Pages: 10
Publication Date: Jan 1, 2008
Construction of a new ship dock at a major Philadelphia area refinery required geotechnical design and field consultation. The new dock, which consists of a system of mooring dolphins and platforms, will be capable of docking the Stena V-MAX Oil Tanker (V-MAX). The 1100 ft long V-MAX is currently the largest tanker to travel the Delaware River and will induce significant lateral loads on the new ship dock. Lateral loads induced on the dock will be resisted by over 200 pipe piles installed on a batter. The piles used for support of the dock included 20 and 30 in. diameter reinforced, concrete filled pipe piles. Complete construction of each pile included driving of the pile to the design ultimate capacity, flushing the pipe pile casing clean of overburden materials followed by drilling rock sockets into the underlying Wissahickon Formation. Variations in depth to bedrock, rock quality and degree of weathering and presence of very hard quartzite lenses created a complex geologic environment that presented challenges for the pile/rock socket design and installation. The design of the pile system, installation methods, QA/QC and testing (Pile Dynamic Analysis), as well as the challenges that were encountered through the duration of the project are presented and discussed.
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