A Realistic Approach Toward Stray Current Induced Corrosion Affecting Steel Sheet Piling

Fagot, Anne
Organization: Deep Foundations Institute
Pages: 8
Publication Date: Jan 1, 2008
Because of the risk of corrosion caused by stray currents, steel foundations and steel sheet piling are generally prohibited in the vicinity of railway structures. Steel solutions are only accepted if they are shown to meet the required design working life and if this can be achieved at an acceptable cost compared to competing materials. The influence of stray currents on various steel sheet piling designs was studied using software initially dedicated to gas and pipeline industries and cathodic protection systems. It has been successfully adapted to model stray currents affecting steel sheet piling. Corrosion rates assessed using this modeling software were considerably lower than commonly expected. Zones of potential corrosion risk were identified; specific cost-effective countermeasures could be established. The developed software tool can help to optimize the design of piling solutions in the vicinity of DC railway power systems in terms of suitable countermeasures that meet structural reliability and cost requirements.
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