Skin Friction In Shale: Results Of The Hwy. 81 Bridge, Yankton, SD Drilled Shaft Load Test

Mackiewicz, Scott M.
Organization: Deep Foundations Institute
Pages: 6
Publication Date: Jan 1, 2008
This project includes replacement of the historic vertical-lift span Meridian Bridge (U.S. Highway 81 over the Missouri River) that connects Yankton, South Dakota with rural Cedar County, Nebraska. The new 76-foot wide, 1,590-foot long steel plate girder structure required the use of drilled shaft foundations that extended into the underlying Carlile Shale formation. Designers indicated that an individual drilled shaft capacity of about 2,000 kips will be needed at each of the river piers, and based on the subsurface information, 8 to 10-foot diameter drilled shafts extending to about 115-foot would be required for support of the bridge structure. An Osterberg Load Test was performed on one test shaft to determine the ultimate skin friction and end bearing of the Carlile Shale. This paper describes the design and installation of the load test drilled shaft as well as presents the load test results as compared with predicted design values determined using FHWA methods.
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