An Innovative Use Of Bored Tension Piles In Embedded Retaining Wall Design & Construction

Adekunte, Abid O.
Organization: Deep Foundations Institute
Pages: 10
Publication Date: Jan 1, 2008
The design, construction and monitoring of the deep excavation support for the basement of a large-scale commercial development in Cavan, Ireland is presented. Excavation area was adjacent to existing structures and retained height H varied between 4.0m ? 11.0m. In areas where excavation depth H < 5.0m, wall was designed as cantilevered section. However in sections where 5.0m = H = 11m, additional wall supports were required for serviceability reasons. Traditionally, designers often provide additional wall support through the use of tie-back ground anchors, raking props and braces. On the current project, the main contractor was not in support of the use of temporary props so as to maximise working space, while owners of adjacent properties disapproved the use of tie-backs. The limited set-back between the wall line and site boundary also contributed to the complexity of the project. A rare alternative solution has been adopted. This novel approach involved buttressing the wall with steeply raking bored tension piles at regular intervals along the wall. Comparison of the monitored deflections in the cantilevered sections with those recorded at sections where tension piles were used shows the novel solution to be safe and quite effective. This approach is also considered to be more economical when compared with ground anchorage and propping.
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