Influence Of Diameter On The Bearing Capacity Of Lateral Loaded Drilled Shaft

Zhang, Bin
Organization: Deep Foundations Institute
Pages: 10
Publication Date: Jan 1, 2007
Drilled shafts are a popular type of foundation for transportation applications. They feature the advantages of providing high bearing capacity and generating low construction noise. Advancements in construction technology make it possible to construct drilled shaft with large diameters. In some transportation projects, the full structural loads are carried by a single large diameter drilled shaft; therefore accurately determining the bearing capacity of drilled shafts has important practical and safety implications. The increase of drilled shaft diameter combined with the structure properties of the surrounding soil play in an important role in their bearing capacity. The conventional methods for bearing capacity determination, which mostly come from experience with small diameter drilled shafts, may not work satisfactorily. This paper studies the influence of diameter on the bearing capacity of laterally loaded drilled shafts. Numerical simulations are conducted to investigate the effects of pile diameter on the lateral bearing capacity, especially the influence of shaft diameter and its structural contributions.
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