Structure Monitoring During Underpinning

Roth, Barry C.
Organization: Deep Foundations Institute
Pages: 8
Publication Date: Jan 1, 2007
A Real Time Automated Remote Reading Electrolytic Tilt Monitoring System was effectively deployed for monitoring an existing five story brick building during underpinning, shoring and excavation operations for a directly adjacent thirty-foot deep excavation. The monitoring system was comprised of four sets of uniaxial electrolytic tilt meters connected to a Campbell datalogger with multiplexer, cellular modem and solar power. The excavation was for the foundation and underground parking as part of a new 55 story tower complex. Challenges to the contractors and to our monitoring personnel which were addressed included a tight urban site contemplating property line to property line new construction with directly adjacent old existing buildings, buried concrete foundations from former site use, cohesionless pervious sandy soils and high groundwater. Highly variable and diurnal ambient temperature regimes due to adjacent building shadows required careful corroboration and application of temperature corrections to the raw data. Earth tides were suspected on a very small scale and investigated by correlation between the data and the local sinusoidal tidal ephemera. Incidental inadvertent contractor interference with the instruments during underpinning due to site constraints was readily detected.
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