Design And Construction Of Tower Foundations For 345kV Youngheung Marine Transmission Line

Jang, Suk han
Organization: Deep Foundations Institute
Pages: 8
Publication Date: Jan 1, 2007
This paper describes the tower foundation design and construction experience for the 345kV Youngheung marine transmission line, which has been in commercial operation in Korea since July, 2004. This transmission line was designed and constructed to meet the rapidly increasing power demands of metropolitan areas and supply stable, bulk electric power from the Yonghung thermal power plant into metropolitan areas. This transmission line passes over the west sea, Lake Sihwa and over land. In order to successfully complete this project, and to safely support the tower during severe maritime conditions, several types of tower foundation such as Pad and Chimney foundation, Pier (Cylindrical) foundation, R.C.D foundation, Jacket pile foundation and Steel pipe pile + concrete mat foundation were developed and used. As the world?s first and longest marine transmission line, the 345kV Yonghung marine transmission line operates successfully, thanks to several high-tech civil engineering technologies and KEPCO?s accumulated experience.
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