Static And Dynamic Approaches For Bearing Capacity Evaluation Of Driven Piles In Two Dry Docks Project

Shariatmadari, N.
Organization: Deep Foundations Institute
Pages: 8
Publication Date: Jan 1, 2007
Two dry docks are currently under construction on the northern banks of the Persian Gulf by Iran Shipyard and Offshore Industries Co. (ISOICO). The construction of these dry docks forms a huge civil offshore project. The foundation system include more than 6500 large diameter (40-48 inch) spiral pipe piles with embedded depth varying from 18 to 25 meters. Extensive geotechnical subsurface investigations were carried out in the project site in order to provide enough information and proper perspective on the underlying soil layers. The results of geotechnical investigation indicated that a 20 m thick dense silty sand layer exist which can be considered as the main bearing stratum. Due to short clear distance between the piles (less than 3 m) refusal occurred for some piles, accordingly led to actual length less than their design length. To verify and in-situ evaluation of piles capacity, static and dynamic full scale loading tests programme were performed. The data from 40 static compression and tension and also 50 dynamic tests with PDA were interpreted and analyzed by current approaches and CAPWAP software. The results of analysis demonstrated that the safety factor of bearing capacity of piles must be increased to reach a safety factor of about 1.8. To achieve this purpose the interaction of combined piled-raft system has been realized.
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