Innovative Micropile Retrofit Of Two Existing Structures

Holman, Terence P.
Organization: Deep Foundations Institute
Pages: 10
Publication Date: Jan 1, 2007
Micropiles are employed to retrofit existing foundations, including underpinning prior to future construction operations and resupport of existing structures that have experienced distortion and settlement. This paper presents analyses of the two case histories requiring the use of micropiles in these applications. The first case history involves micropiles used to resupport a settled pump station next to an excavation which had suffered basal failure and ground loss. A compression load test pile experienced plunging failure which, after analysis of the strain-gauge data acquired during the test, was attributable to a greater degree of disturbance to the subsoils beneath the site than anticipated. After construction of the micropiles around the pump chamber a synchronized jacking system was used to lift and right the 320 kip chamber structure, followed by resupporting it on the newly constructed piles. The second case history entails the use of micropiles for direct underpinning support of existing columns prior to a utility tunnel installation within an existing high-bay warehouse structure. The design constraint that most significantly affected the successful completion of this project was the desire to bond the new piles into the existing reinforced concrete foundations. As a result of the coring method through the footing, the ultimate bond stress measured during a pullout test was more than twice that assumed in the design. Monitoring of the underpinned columns during trench excavation indicated that the system performance was acceptable. These case histories reinforce the concept that lower capacity micropiles can provide a rapid means to underpin and retrofit existing structures.
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