Horizontal Resistance Behavior Of Pile With Wings In Sand

Songlin, Wen
Organization: Deep Foundations Institute
Pages: 8
Publication Date: Jan 1, 2007
This paper presents an experimental program to investigate the behavior of a pile with wings under horizontal loads in sand at laboratory. The work focused on evaluating the lateral resistance behavior and the geometric effect of wing board on the horizontal resistance. Based on the measured data and observed phenomenon, the following behaviors have been observed: 1) A pile with wings is not only a powerful means to improve the horizontal bearing capacity of a pile foundation but also economy and feasibility; 2) The horizontal bearing capacity of a pile with wings increases with increasing of it?s wing board?s area; 3) The pile lateral capacity is also influenced by the wing board?s geometric shape. Under a certain soil and pile condition, there is a critical embedment depth of the wing board, which will yield the maximum horizontal bearing capacity. It was further observed that when the displacement of the pile head increases, part of the horizontal bearing capacity of the pile is developed by the so-called shaft?s anti-pulling capacity.
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