Engineering Foundation Support For Las Vegas Strip's Tallest Hotel Casino

Gura, Nicholas P.
Organization: Deep Foundations Institute
Pages: 10
Publication Date: Jan 1, 2007
This paper presents the analysis, design, and load test program results for drilled shafts to support a 70-story hotel tower and associated 10 story podium structures located in Las Vegas, Nevada. A mat foundation for the structure, although feasible, would have produced undesirable differential settlements within the high rise tower footprint and at the interface with adjacent lower level podium structures. The resulting foundation system solution for the 70-story, approximately 800-foot long hotel tower was four-foot diameter drilled shafts, extending 100 below shaft cutoff. The design compression capacity for the four foot diameter drilled shaft was 5,000 kips. The load test program proved that the unique Las Vegas valley geology lends itself to efficient installation, precluding the need for engineered slurry or casing. The load testing program included the installation of two four-foot diameter test shafts to 100 feet below theoretical cutoff and the performance of two highly instrumented independent Osterberg load cell tests with maximum sustained test loads of 12,000 kips. Sonic caliper testing was also performed to document actual in-place shaft diameters and verticality. The load test program also provided information necessary for the foundation design of the podium structures. In addition to the tower?s drilled shaft load test program data, continuous flight auger (CFA) pile evaluation and testing was also performed. The CFA testing consisted of traditional ?top down? loading techniques and was performed as an alternative to the recommended shallow drilled shafts for the lower level podium structures. The results of the CFA test program provided supplemental, insightful soil friction data which was used in conjunction with the drilled shaft test program data in evaluating the most appropriate support for the lower level structures.
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